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Double trouble - enjoyed every page

What a wonderful book! Had to read it immediately and enjoyed every page. Interesting story with a happy end. That is the way books should be. Just one question left: when will the next book be published? Hopefully soon. Will listen to the podcasts now as I cannot get enough of James great stories. Thank you James

From getting the chills to laughing out loud

In advance: I love the podcast! The authors incredibly great voice combined with his self-written stories are a great match! I love that you can choose the genre. That helps me to decide which episodes I am listening to as a bedtime story and which ones better not. Completely different and therefore never boring stories - no one is like the other. The storyline of Double Trouble is great - an old idea, but remade in a fun, clever way. Listen in and get hooked up yourself!

King of Spin

Thank you for another very clever story of yours, James. I really enjoy your podcasts: A good mix of something light, yet often full of insight, interesting characters, varied stories, food for thought.

Double trouble - double fun

Being a fan of the amazing James Schofield for quite some time I had hard times waiting for the new season. And to my surprise the quite familiar characters, the well known episodes about business life and the fun around it are gone! I thought "double trouble" could mean I will need to contact the author telling him he'll be in trouble soon - but after listening to episode one of "Double trouble" and recognizing the story is based on a novel I had been sure there is no need for trouble - even more a lot of fun listening. James caught my full attention immediately with the promising story about twins in very different life situations and a goat with a great attitude. Listening to James is as always wonderful and the story around a goat farm, an senior advertising guy faced with lot's of typical business trouble is not only fun but - following the name - double fun :-) Can't wait for the next Mondays to hear more about Timothy, Nick, Wanda, Gwyneth - and most about Lady Lois. THANKS for the lovely novel James. LOVE IT P.S.: hope my review will make it to the website and I have a chance for a hand signed copy of the novel - promising I won't sell it in the future, independent how much it might we worth with the cinema version of Double Trouble everywhere ;-)

best podcast ever

I love the behind the bottom line podcast, is my favourite podcast for more than 1 year now! I love the stories, the background music and James reading and interpretation. It always makes me smile, it triggers my imagination, it provides me new insights and it's thought-provoking. Thank you James :)

Entertaining Double Trouble - Episode 1

I just finished listening to Episode 1 and I really enjoyed it. The end of "Meeting Wanda" definitely made me curious and I want to know what happens next. Luckily, Episode 2 is already available! The topics of the stories are very close to reality and everyone can identify with it in one or the other way. I recommend everyone to take a few minutes every week to listen to this entertaining Podcast which will make you laugh. The speaking pace and style ist just perfect and James' English is so nice to listen to.

Double Trouble Episode 1 - give me more ...

Dear James, what a pretty new story Double Trouble is and you know what, I'm quite intrigued already - just as you wished, for sure - it started very smooth and nice, have built up excitement when I was listening to it while doing sports - and then it stopped at the end of a chapter when I was ready to enjoy the first twist which would prove me wrong in my expactation how the story would evolve :) Very nice speaking pace and style, enjoying it a lot indeed. Sooo, looking forward to hearing next chapter(s) and I'd bet it will have some twists and turns, not only at the end which will surprise me and make me laugh, as it happened with all the stories of "Behind the Bottom Line" and people on the street looked at me embarrased why am I laughing "alone" ;) Thank you for your podcast and the great stories, keep up the excellent work! Best wishes.

A smooth mixture of family biography, country and city culture

In a smooth mixture of family biography, country and city culture, Double Trouble - Episode 1: Aldridge Farm / Meeting Wanda comically conveys the intrigues and challenges of relationships within a family and professional context. The narrative is most enjoyable for me with the memorable experiences of being in the corporate world and having an elder (not twin brother) who took over our family business back in my home country and faced similar challenges as Tim. Like Jamina, I am curious to know where the story is heading...

Laugh out loud reflections on past & present life experiences

These bite-size podcasts make me laugh out loud, reflecting on the good, the bad & the ugly of many corporate life experiences. When you think - oh, I can identify with that - you have to laugh (and question) how ridiculous some of our workplace behaviours & trends really are.

My all time favorite podcast

I love listening to this podcast when I walk my dog, go grocery shopping, or just sit at home doing puzzles. It's just such a nice way of relaxed entertainment for me. What I love and find really special about this podcast is the wide variety of topics. They make me laugh, think and sometimes I even get a little emotional. The stories are so well written and combined with the author's soothing voice, it's just the perfect podcast for me. Thank you!