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Double trouble - double fun

Being a fan of the amazing James Schofield for quite some time I had hard times waiting for the new season. And to my surprise the quite familiar characters, the well known episodes about business life and the fun around it are gone! I thought "double trouble" could mean I will need to contact the author telling him he'll be in trouble soon - but after listening to episode one of "Double trouble" and recognizing the story is based on a novel I had been sure there is no need for trouble - even more a lot of fun listening.
James caught my full attention immediately with the promising story about twins in very different life situations and a goat with a great attitude.
Listening to James is as always wonderful and the story around a goat farm, an senior advertising guy faced with lot's of typical business trouble is not only fun but - following the name - double fun :-)
Can't wait for the next Mondays to hear more about Timothy, Nick, Wanda, Gwyneth - and most about Lady Lois.
THANKS for the lovely novel James. LOVE IT

P.S.: hope my review will make it to the website and I have a chance for a hand signed copy of the novel - promising I won't sell it in the future, independent how much it might we worth with the cinema version of Double Trouble everywhere ;-)

July 3, 2021 by Rainer on This Website

Behind the Bottom Line