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Season 7

Drama Humour

The Moustache

April 25, 2022

Thanks to his magnificent moustache, Wilhelm Adler has always managed to get his way in both the boardroom and the bedroom. But Candy Harding is disgusted by it and remains completely immune to his charms, which of course ma…

Humour Drama

The shopping cart

April 19, 2022

Sally King is shopping in Hal Mart Superstore in Portland. As always, her experience is made much easier if she follows the advice given to her by her shopping cart. Only this time, the shopping cart has one or two strange s…

Romance Humour


April 11, 2022

Jack is a highly paid motivational speaker with a secret. Bibi is his coach and she has a secret too. What could be the key for both of them to tell each other their secrets? Could it be the catchphrase that Jack's old sheep…



April 5, 2022

Richard Olsen is a financial journalist, investigating Hawksmoor Trading Ltd, an investment company with a lot of dirty fingers in a lot of dirty pies. His story is going nowhere until he meets Annie Hart, a junior secretary…

Drama Suspense


March 29, 2022

Superlearning - now that sounds like a nice way to polish your skills. Lie back, get a massage, relax and allow the soft whispering in your ear to improve your performance, without any effort at all. Only over time, too much…


The kitchen burglars

March 1, 2022

The teams from sales on the third floor and accountancy on the seventh floor like to prank each other. But this time, they may have gone a little too far … Music by JuliusH, Pixabay. Image by This story first ap…

Horror Supernatural Drama

Lady Susannah

Feb. 22, 2022

Mr Hickson is making a pot of money from his new property development at Brancaster Towers and it’s a nice place for him to hide his mistress, Roxanna. But who is behind the mysterious door in the West Tower? And what are t…

Romance Humour


Feb. 15, 2022

Ed and Jane are scriptwriters for a big Hollywood studio, who've been told they've got to work together. She likes to write dramas and he likes to write thrillers. What neither of them can write are romantic comedies. Or can…

Drama Suspense Crime Murder

Angela's Trumpet

Feb. 7, 2022

Imagine you have only six months to live. What would you do with the time? A) Travel B) Eat in the best restaurants C) Poison the managing director of the company you worked at for thirty years? The choice is yours… The text…


The Old King

Feb. 1, 2022

An old man in a hospital ward is convinced his grandchildren are trying to steal his company from under his nose. Can he persuade his lawyers that they have to do something to stop this, or will he just be ignored? This stor…