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Humour Episodes

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 5: Dating Jemima

July 12, 2021

Tim is still in London pretending to be his twin brother Nick, an advertising executive for the company Madison and Oggers. But things are about to get tricky for Tim: Jemima Madison, Nick's ex-girlfriend, has invited him ou…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 4: Nick learns a lesson

July 5, 2021

Tim is finding out that his brother’s life in London is more complicated than he realized. His colleagues are competitive, he has to create a new advertising campaign for a car in only a week, Nick’s ex-girlfriend wants to g…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 3: Madison and Oggers / Timothy in Trouble

June 28, 2021

Timothy Aldridge has to leave his beloved farm and the quiet countryside to go up to London to take the place of his twin brother Nicholas – an advertising executive – at an important meeting, after Tim, his wife Gwyneth and…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 2: Crisis at work / The flood

June 21, 2021

Nick Aldridge's relaxing weekend down in the countryside on his brother Tim's farm is suddenly interrupted by a call from London. Who's calling Nick late on Friday evening and what on earth can they want? And how will Tim, G…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 1: Aldridge Farm / Meeting Wanda

June 14, 2021

Timothy and Nicholas Aldridge are identical twins with very different lives. Timothy runs the family farm in a quiet part of the south-west of England while Nicholas is a senior manager for the advertising company Madison an…

Humour JJ Topfoods

Negatron Nick

April 6, 2021

Heard of the ‘boil the dog’ approach to change management? No? Then you need Sheona Hakovski, motivation trainer from San Diego. She’ll soon have your people leaning in, giving 110% and boiling dogs … or is it frogs? Find ou…

Julie And Paula Humour


March 30, 2021

"Think positive, talk positive, feel positive!"; "Your attitude is your altitude!"; "Together we achieve more!" Don't you just HATE office work slogans? And even worse than the slogans, are the managers who try and use them …

Supernatural Humour

The Interview

March 23, 2021

Things are so bad for Cuthbert Trill he has decided to end it all. He's lost his job, his wife's run off with his best friend, and now a wave has just washed his glasses out to sea. Still, he could probably manage to drown h…


Heaven plc

March 2, 2021

Paddy Power has recently been relocated from his job as Head of Public Relations in a large corporation on earth to ... Heaven plc. But he's not happy with working his way up the heavenly hierarchy slowly, he wants to be the…

Humour Fable

The greatest reality show on earth

Feb. 23, 2021

What would you do if you found a dragon in the boot of your car? Jonathan and Susan are going on holiday when they find the last remaining dragon in Britain, Tatzl, has smuggled herself into their car and is trying to escap…


Change Agent 001

Feb. 16, 2021

Britain has left the European Union and Her Majesty's Secret Services are having to find ways to generate income. When Agent 001 joins BeSoft Toilet Tissue as a Change Agent consultant he find that his set of skills can be s…


Empty Screen Inspiration

Feb. 2, 2021

“No, my lord,” protested Amanjia, struggling to free herself from Borridor’s arms as the thin silk dress that barely covered her firm bosom strained to preserve her modesty... It's Sunday and our hero has to write a boring m…

Humour Julie And Paula

Agile Consequences

Nov. 25, 2020

HUMOUR: the mischievous Julie and Paula are back, causing chaos in a pharmaceutical company as they take charge of a team of chemists trying to develop an anti-depressant with no side-effects. Drugs, alcohol, lust ... what c…

Fable Humour

New Perspectives

Nov. 18, 2020

FABLE: Thomas had everything he wanted in life, money, friends and an endless supply of charming companions. But one day all these pleasures turned to ashes in his mouth when he went blind. Thomas promised a huge reward to w…


PEAS for EmDee, the caring chatbot

Oct. 28, 2020

HUMOUR: What do you feel about chatbots? Do you talk to Siri? Do you chat with Alexa? It might be impressive what these chatbots can do, but that's nothing compared to EmDee. She can paraphrase your words, look inside you, s…