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Humour Episodes

Humour Supernatural Julie And Paula Drama

The Impressions - Episode 4

Nov. 9, 2022

This is the final episode of season 8’s story ‘The Impressions’. I talk about the City of London where the story takes place, the sources for the different characters and an interesting theory about what some people believe …

Drama Humour Suspense Supernatural Sleuth Detective

The Impressions - Episode 3

Nov. 2, 2022

Felicity Appleby's plan to have the building belonging to the London investment bank Ruff, Tumble and Bounderby declared a building worth preserving by the Historical Building Association means the re-entry into her life of …

Suspense Humour Supernatural Sleuth Detective

The Impressions - Episode 2

Oct. 26, 2022

Felicity Appleby has promised to help the Impressions, the peculiar inhabitants of the investment bank she works at near St Paul's Cathedral, find a way to stop the building they inhabit being torn down. But how will that be…

Humour Suspense Supernatural Sleuth Detective

The Impressions - Episode 1

Oct. 19, 2022

Felicity Appleby has a job she hates in the London investment bank Ruff, Tumble and Bounderby. The only plus side is the bank's beautiful 19th century building and its location in the City of London, near St Paul's Cathedral…

Humour Summer Special 2022

Summer Special 2022 - Episode 1

July 18, 2022

Welcome to the 'Behind the Bottom Line' Summer Special 2022. Two great episodes to listen to on holiday. Today's stories are: 👨‍💼 ‘The Interview’ – how good are you in job interviews? Cuthbert Trill wants to kill himself but…

Drama Humour

The Moustache

April 25, 2022

Thanks to his magnificent moustache, Wilhelm Adler has always managed to get his way in both the boardroom and the bedroom. But Candy Harding is disgusted by it and remains completely immune to his charms, which of course ma…

Humour Drama

The shopping cart

April 19, 2022

Sally King is shopping in Hal Mart Superstore in Portland. As always, her experience is made much easier if she follows the advice given to her by her shopping cart. Only this time, the shopping cart has one or two strange s…

Romance Humour


April 11, 2022

Jack is a highly paid motivational speaker with a secret. Bibi is his coach and she has a secret too. What could be the key for both of them to tell each other their secrets? Could it be the catchphrase that Jack's old sheep…


The kitchen burglars

March 1, 2022

The teams from sales on the third floor and accountancy on the seventh floor like to prank each other. But this time, they may have gone a little too far … Music by JuliusH, Pixabay. Image by This story first ap…

Romance Humour


Feb. 15, 2022

Ed and Jane are scriptwriters for a big Hollywood studio, who've been told they've got to work together. She likes to write dramas and he likes to write thrillers. What neither of them can write are romantic comedies. Or can…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 10: The origin story

Aug. 16, 2021

What was the real-life background to 'Double Trouble'? In this last episode of season 5 of Behind the Bottom Line find out about: the original model for 'Double Trouble' the influence of a disaster back in 1968 how advertise…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 9: Jemima finds out

Aug. 9, 2021

Tim, Nick and Wanda are now in London filming the Xaewoo Motors commercial with Lady Lois. So far, things have been going well, but Jemima Madison, the boss’s daughter, isn’t stupid and she’s starting to ask a lot of questio…

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 8: On set

Aug. 2, 2021

Tim has found a way to bring Nick, Wanda and Lady Lois up to London to film a commercial for Xaewoo Motors. But can a goat act? And will the twins really get away with fooling everybody for very much longer? Image by Marcel …

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 7: Timothy Aldridge - advertising genius

July 26, 2021

Tim Aldridge needs to come up with a new advertising campaign for the Madison & Oggers client, Xaewoo Motors in less than a week. Will his longing to escape London and get back to his farm help the creative juices flow? And …

Humour Romance Double Trouble

Double Trouble - Episode 6: Timothy learns a lesson

July 19, 2021

After his unfortunate encounter with Tanya Mischkovich in a restaurant, Tim Aldridge is desperate to leave London and get back to his farm. But a visit to a cheese shop which sells his very own 'Aldridge Blue' cheese makes h…